Concept and objectives

FP7 call for proposals on CO2 storage is aimed at understanding the long-term fate of geologically stored CO2. The terms of reference and objectives of this call are to:

  • Increase the understanding of the long-term fate of stored CO2.
  • Evaluate the mechanisms of leakage through the cap-rock and the well.
  • Investigate fluid-rock interactions affecting reservoir quality and cap-rock integrity.
  • Investigate reactivity with well cements and the effects on cement mechanical properties.
  • Quantify the effects of impurities in the CO2 stream.
  • Assess far-field effects of brine migration.
  • Predict fault reactivation potential during CO2 injection.
  • Contribute to the Implementation Plan (2010-2012) and the Technology Roadmap (2010-2020) of the European Industrial Initiative on CCS.
  • Establish cooperation with a number of the large-scale CCS demonstration projects including those supported by the European Energy Program for Recovery (EEPR) and the NER300 of the Emissions Trading Scheme.