Next CCS Conferences

  • Fourth EAGE CO2 Geological Storage Workshop
      Apr 22-24, 2014 (Stavanger, Norway) [+] [-]

      Stavanger has been chosen to host the Fourth EAGE CO2 Geological Storage Workshop to be held from 22 - 24 April 2014.
    The main theme of the workshop is to demonstrate storage integrity and building confidence in CCS.
    The workshop will address the current state of the art with respect to the overall integrity of a CO2 storage, through subsurface formation characterization, reservoir and well capabilities, enhancement of CO2 storage capacity, monitoring of the storage complex, designing and implementing remedial and mitigation actions in case on an undesired CO2 leakage, and considering HSE impacts of CO2 storage.
    It will explore the need to increase communication and share experience and knowledge gained from various field- and demonstration projects worldwide. Furthermore, it will address the need to develop international scientific workforces in order to tackle specific challenges, as well as methods and tools that can demonstrate a safe and environmentally sound future for CO2 storage developments.

  • European Geoscience Union (EGU) - General Assembly 2014
      Apr. 27- May 2, 2014 (Vienna, Austria) [+] [-]

      The EGU General Assembly 2014 will bring together geoscientists from all over the world into one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary and space sciences. Especially for young scientists, it is the aim of the EGU to provide a forum where they can present their work and discuss their ideas with experts in all fields of geosciences. The EGU is looking forward to cordially welcome you in Vienna!

  • 9th CO2GeoNet Open Forum
      May 20-22, 2014 (San Servolo Island, Venice, Italy)

  • European Forum on Carbon Capture and Storage
      Jun 9-10, 2014 (Barcelona, Spain) [+] [-]

      European Forum on Carbon Capture and Storage is gathering leading European and international policy makers, observers, project developers, technology providers and to have a discussion on what has to be done to stimulate action, recover assurance and get European CCS back on track in 2014.

  • 7th Dutch CCS Symposium
      Jun 18-20, 2014 (Amsterdam, Netherlands) [+] [-]

      CATO2 symposium: The value of integrated CCS research and implementation RAI Amsterdam, 18-20 June 2014, in co-operation with EAGE and GCCSI.
    CATO2 organizes a three-day conference from 18-20 June 2014 celebrating the achievements of integrated CCS research both in the Netherlands and internationally, in co-operation with EAGE and GCCSI. You are welcome at this event to learn about the latest developments in capture, regulation, transport, storage, public perception, and implementation of CCS.

  • The 4th Low Carbon Earth Summit-2014 Theme: Green Action for Sustainability
      Sep 21-23, 2014 (Qingdao, China) [+] [-]

      * 10 Remarkable World-class Parallel Forums Cover Current Hot Topics Related to Climate Change, Investment Financing and the Development of the Low Carbon Technology
    * 50 Exhibitors to Showcase Cutting-edge Products and Technologies
    * 200 Overseas + 100 Domestic Experts Discuss, Communicate of Experience and Share the Results
    * Technology Transfer Matchmaking and Variety and Colorful Business Events and Social Activities
    * Culture Tour in Qingdao

  • GHGT-12 International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Technologies (IEA)
      Oct. 5-9, 2014 (Austin, USA) [+] [-]

      The Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT) conference series was formed in 1997 following the merger of the earlier series of International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Removal (ICCDR) and the Greenhouse Gas Mitigation options conference. IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme (IEAGHG) are the guardians of the GHGT conferences which are held every two years. The conference series rotates between, North America, Europe and Asia.