Board of Associated Parties (BAP)

image Most of the PANACEA consortium partners (at the exception of UCAM and BV) are also partners of MUSTANG (Project #227286) funded by the EU. In the frame of MUSTANG a scientific, industrial and regulatory advisory board (SIRAB) was established in order to provide the project with external expert advice and guidance, which has proven to be very successful.

PANACEA, due to its size and scope, does not need such a structure. Instead, we have established a Board of Associated Parties (BAP): these are institutions from The USA (LBNL), Germany (Energie Baden-W├╝rttemberg AG), Australia (CO2CRC), Brazil (PETROBRAS), Spain (CIUDEN) and France (LAFARGE), which are either heavily involved in large CO2 injection, or planning to do so. These institutions would bring in knowledge, expertise, data and information on large scale CO2 injection, which together with partner STATOIL, would constitute a rather comprehensive pole of expertise. Cooperation has been agreed with the BAP members and letters of intent that arrived to us at the time of proposal submission are presented at the end of the document.

Where needed, we would invite, on an ad-hoc basis, regulatory institutions from France, Germany, Israel, Scotland, Spain and Sweden, in order to provide them information about our findings and obtain feed-back regarding their suitability to the regulations that are being put in place.

Additionally, members of the European large scale CCS demonstration projects will be invited to attend our meetings, thus providing support for the design. and implementation of their experiments.